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Front Porch Mini Session in Owings, MD | The M Family

What I have loved about my front porch mini sessions is how different each one has been. The clients in my first session were getting ready to move and leaving a house they loved and cherished; it was a place I had visited a few times before and such a special place for their family.

I had one that combined a maternity session with a front porch mini session. (Blog coming soon!) Other sessions have been more traditional, but a few things have stood out to me: the kids and family have been far from shy. I know some families have really limited their interactions since the coronavirus pandemic started, and because of this, the kids are so excited to see someone who is not a relative. The laughter and enthusiasm has been easy to capture.

Even though some states are easing restrictions, I am continuing to only do socially distanced sessions; I know many people are ready to be “normal”, but I have a son who has a weak immune system and been on a nebulizer twice in the last year. We are taking precautions to keep him safe. So, I’ll keep my zoom lenses on unless I want to capture the entire scene around you and follow you and your family around from a safe distance.

A front porch mini session is also a fantastic investment for your money. They are a bit cheaper than my other sessions, so if you can’t typically afford my work, these may be a great way for you to get some updated images. I also love how easy it is to weave in pets for a shot or two!

To book your front porch mini session or any other outdoor session, just visit my contact page or e-mail me at Right now, I’m only booking sessions for June and July, and please know that I will be abiding by state and county laws for sessions, so if there is a covid-19 spike again and a stay-at-home order is re-issued with non-essential businesses closed again, I will be following those orders.

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