Photography is about telling your story.

Photography is about telling stories. Your love story. Your story with a newborn. Your story with the chaos of kids. Your story of those kids leaving your home. Photography lets you freeze that story in time so you can share it with others. Let me tell your story.

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Family sessions are about connection. Whether your children are little or big, I’m going to ask you to play with them, snuggle them, and remind them how much. you love them. I also love tickle attacks. I’ll capture a mix of posed and candid images for you gallery, as well as solo images of each child and an updated photo of mom and dad!

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I have every detail of your wedding covered—from a fun engagement session where I teach you everything you need to know on wedding day to every detail of your actual day. Documentary photography means you get it all — the moments you knew were happening as well as those you didn’t. Your gallery will showcase the story as your family and friends come together to celebrate you!


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