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Located in Calvert County, Maryland

Hi. I’m Teresa. While photography may be part-time for me, documenting your stories is never treated like a side hustle. My full-time gig is teaching high school English, journalism, and photography at an all-boys’ school in Washington, DC. Journalism is my favorite subject to teach because it is as much about writing as it is about the art of observing the world, and I became a photographer because of my experiences in photojournalism. You’ll see in galleries with my families, children, newborns, or weddings, my style definitely is more about documenting connection and trying to create real moments. I love a good portrait, but my heart is happiest when I get real smiles from people loving on and playing with each other.

“Collect memories, not things.”

In my family sessions, my experiences as a mom help me to connect with children. I am a mommy to three miracle children…two with fertility help and one that was a pure miracle. I LOVE to play with the kids I photograph because I know that was essential to getting the images I love with my own kids.



why photos mean so much to me

Photos freeze moments in time. They let us keep something alive. They keep people who are special to us alive. They keep milestones of our children alive. They let us relive those moments, big and small.

A few months before my Catholic wedding, in early March 2007, my dad slipped and fell on black ice outside of Church. That fall caused him to get a sub-dermal hematoma.  He was in a coma for weeks. And when he finally woke up, he couldn’t walk and could not talk. It was probably his stubborn Irishness (which I admittedly have) that kept him alive until December of 2009.

He made it to my wedding, but he didn’t get to walk me down the aisle. We did a photo op at the end of the aisle where my brother held him up, and then my brother, who was also my godfather, escorted me down the aisle.  We repeated the photo op for the father/dance at my reception.

Those photos I have of my dad, from my wedding and other moments in my life, are the only way my kids get to know their grandpa. The photos remind me of stories about him and let a piece of him live for years after his death.

I didn’t grow up in a family that had a lot of money. My dad had a grocery store that he lost, and after that, life was very modest for us. Our only professional photos were for the church directory, but my mom and uncle frequently had a camera near by, and I cherish the many photos I have from my childhood.

I cannot repeat this enough: it is such an honor to document all of my clients. For a short span of time, I get to hear your stories and document your lives, and if I’m lucky, I get to see you year after year and document the milestones, big and small. I feel like a part of your extended family.

It is truly a gift for me to tell your story.





Documenting all the stages of your life