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Southern Maryland Lifestyle Newborn Session | Baby Gavin

School is out for me finally, so I’m catching up on blogging sessions from earlier this year finally. Baby Gavin’s lifestyle newborn session is the first on my list!

I often get a lot of questions about what a lifestyle newborn session means. Lifestyle newborn photography implies a bit more “natural” photos of the baby in his or her typical setting and situations and less “posed” photos.

While I do a few portraits of the baby during a lifestyle newborn session, I realized early on in my photography career that I don’t enjoy “posed” photos as much. Some babies don’t love them, and I never want to leave your house with just a handful of good shots that all basically are the same. What I love about the photos I capture in a lifestyle newborn session is that I get some of those posed shots usually, but I get capture more of the connection of the baby with his or her family.

I know I was EXHAUSTED after I had my three children. Life was a blur between feedings and naps for sleep, and after my third I had post-partum high blood pressure (if you are thinking “I didn’t know that was possible”… well guess what, I didn’t either) that left me with horrible headaches and being ill for weeks until the pregnancy hormones left my body.

That said, I am SO grateful for my newborn photos. They show how my family adapted with each kid, and it’s about connection between all of us and the baby. Plus, it is SO easy to forget how tiny the babies are… these types of session capture that. If parents have put a lot of work into a nursery, I love capturing all of those details, too, of that special place and special gifts.

Since Covid-19, I am only taking a few traditional newborn sessions, and I cannot do any Fresh 48s since hospitals are not letting guests in the hospital. I am being more relaxed with the types of sessions I am offering (so you can book a mini or even an hour-long lifestyle session), and I am not touching any newborns, although I will help the parents with demonstrations for how to wrap their baby so they can practice before the session if they want their baby swaddled.

To book your lifestyle newborn session or any other session, just visit my contact page or e-mail me at Right now, I’m only booking sessions for June and July, and please know that I will be abiding by state and county laws for sessions, so if there is a covid-19 spike again and a stay-at-home order is re-issued with non-essential businesses closed again, I will be following those orders.

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Hi. I’m Teresa. While photography is a part-time job for me, documenting your stories doesn’t ever get treated like it’s not important. My full-time gig is teaching high school English, journalism, and photography at an all-boys’ school in Washington, DC. Journalism is my favorite subject to teach because it is as much about writing as it is about the art of observing the world, and I became a photographer because of my experiences in photojournalism.

You’ll see in galleries with my families, children, newborns, or weddings, my style definitely is more about documenting connection and trying to create real moments. I love a good portrait, but my heart is happiest when I get real smiles from people loving on and playing with each other.

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