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Chesapeake Rail Trail | Senior Session

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland has a few of my favorite locations. My only complaint about the Chesapeake Rail Trail is that it stops. I wish they’d extend the Chesapeake Rail Trail over the creek and into the neighborhoods that adjoin my street so we’d have some walking spots that we could get to without getting in the car!

I knew Jens wanted a bit of water and rustic feel for his senior session. He’s a senior at Northern High School, graduating this May. His mom was a little nervous about not being there, but Jens relaxed pretty quickly for me!

I learned a lot about him: that he’s an Eagle Scout and has been to Philmont Scout Ranch. (My husband went there when he as in Scouts, as did many of my good friends. They talked about it constantly and how life-changing the trip was; Jens loved it, too.)

I also learned that he loved photography. And his family. And he loves nature.

Jens quickly got the hang of the poses as we walked the Chesapeake Rail Trail, and then my goal was to make him get comfortable and to capture a few genuine smiles.

And Class of 2020, it’s not too late to get on my calendar for a senior session yet this spring. Class of 2021, it may feel like senior year is still so far away since you just battled midterm exams, but I can promise there’s not a better time to make an inquiry and get on my calendar for this summer and to talk about where you would want to do your session. To start chatting about your senior session, write me here or e-mail me at I’m already booked for January and February 2020. I have one March opening and am booking into April and May!

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