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Historic Londontown Gardens Photographer | Remi’s 6th Trip Around the Sun

Historic Londontown Gardens has quickly become my favorite local location. And so far, everyone I have taken there has never been! I was lucky to find it last summer when I was looking at the Blue Star Museums; I teach, so I was staying home with the kids last summer and looking for places we could go for free to explore.

Remi’s family was supposed to get photographed last November at my Christmas tree minis, but sick kids and an out-of-town active duty husband made it hard for her mom to reschedule. I let her jump in on a spring session to commemorate Remi’s 6th birthday.

We had a great time wandering around, and my oldest, Emma, had her first day as my assistant! (She’s hooked, so she may be lugging around my stuff at other shoots for the pay of a milkshake. My goal is to have her taking amazing pictures and running her own business by the time she’s in high school since she loves photography, too!)

Time and time again, Remi’s mom gushed about how beautiful the location was…and it’s true. If you haven’t gone, you should, and because I purchased a photography member, I can shoot there during open hours and with a small fee for times outside of their hours. If you want to see the diversity in this location, check out Kelly and CJ’s session! All of these sessions were short, only 20-25 minutes, but I could EASILY make a full hour family session there look amazing…so someone please book one there!

OK so let’s finally talk about Remi. Here’s what I learned about her in our brief time together. She doesn’t like her feet in wet grass (although seeing my tomboy Emma bounce around definitely changed her tune and she warmed up a lot by the end of the session). She has a little brother she adores. Purple is her favorite color. She loves ballet. And she loved holding flowers… you can’t pick flowers there (obviously), but we found some dandelion flowers and dandelion puff for her to hold and play with. I thought this was aptly appropriate though since Remi is a military kid, and dandelions are the flower of the military child. (Do you know why? :)) We also found some flowers that had fallen onto the ground…fair game, right?

If you are interested in booking a session, message me through my contact page or e-mail me at I finish teaching at the end of May and have a decent amount of summer availability yet!

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