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NOVA Milestone Photographer | Charlotte’s Second Birthday

A milestone session is one of my favorites, as are repeat clients. In Charlotte’s second birthday party, I had the opportunity to experience both! A lot was the same as last year (see some shots from last year here): Charlotte is adored by her mom, dad, and grandparents. She still loves her bunny, and we still used her mom’s old rocking chair for some portraits! Her mom still has incredible eye for details and decorations. And so many friends came to celebrate the walk around the sun!

Last year, Charlotte didn’t move around as much, so this year, the race was on flying across her yard, working hard to document every second. Cake was a MUCH bigger hit this year.

She had a backyard farm birthday party with horses and hay bales, books, and lots of food. Her mom is amazing at all of the details, and I loved trying to capture as much of it as I could!

The best part about having a photographer at a birthday party is you get to enjoy it! Many of my milestone clients do a two-hour session where they do an hour of portraits with family before guests come and then do a second hour where I document the party. We usually end my time with the cake.

What is great, too, is that I can get true lifestyle. While we tried to get some posed photos, Charlotte’s personality shines through at most in the documentary portion where I get her playing. It’s a great time capsule of what life is like for a two year old! Plus, as I tell clients, I’m so much more likely to get real smiles with play and letting the kids be kids. No kid really wants to sit still in front of the camera for long!

I’m currently booking for 2020, so if you want to get on my calendar, do ASAP! I’m limiting the number of sessions I can take in the spring of 2020 because I’m picking up an extra class at my full-time job. To contact me to book a session, message me here on my contact page or e-mail me at

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