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Documenting life again after the winter blues

Guys. Getting the flu followed by a cold that morphs into bronchitis is no joke. The last 16 days have been a total blur (which may be even why this post on documenting life is even more important since I barely remember the last two weeks);  I’m so excited that I’m FINALLY feeling like myself again. I’m so thankful I had taken a it of time off so I didn’t miss any sessions!

Documenting Life: My Family

Documenting Life: Little boy puts puzzle together
This month’s Koala Crate came with a matching game where he had to build animals. It tied in really nicely with how he had to build the puppets, too. I just love his little hands trying to figure out how to make the puzzle work!

Documenting my family is something I love. It’s precious to me, so even though I wasn’t feeling great, I spent a little bit if time trying to do some documentary work on my family. It’s so hard to believe my baby will be on this month and that my big boy is going to pre-school full day in the fall!  During his little brother’s nap time, I actually mustered the energy to do one of his Koala Crates with him last week. He had so much fun! This crate’s theme was safari, and he had animal puppets to make, binoculars to use, and a fun matching game to play. As he’s getting older, the crates are getting easier for him to do. We started them last year when he was one and half, and he really was too young to do a lot without a lot of help from the “grownup assistant”.

I love capturing the story of our life with three littles ages five and under. Life is so exhausting. The five-year-old knows everything. The two-and-a-half-year-old thinks he can do everything by himself (and actually succeeds most of the time). And the almost one-year-old could totally be walking but doesn’t realize he can yet so most days he’s taking his push toys, any moveable piece of furniture, or empty diaper box and pushing it around the house as he walks from place to place.

Documenting Life: Little boy makes elephant sound while doing elephant puzzle
What I love about this image is how he’s trying so hard to do his best elephant sound. His daddy is amazing with it…this boy…well, he has some work to do, but he’s awfully cute trying!

Our lives are anything but dull. Throw some illness in there, and time just flies. I think it’s important to document everything–the good, the bad, and the just normal. And I’ll be honest…I’m so sleep deprived still that I don’t even remember what happened without these pictures. They help keep what could be fleeting memories from going away for forever.

If you are interested in a documentary session, don’t wait. Our What is great about TRUE documentary is you don’t have to plan anything. You just do your normal thing. I can even show up while you are still in PJs (and actually that’s even better). It’s about capturing the routine–the making of breakfast, the sharing of meal and conversation, the play, the discipline, the love–every good and bad part of what your life is like RIGHT NOW.

You can click here to message me, and tell me more about what you would want me to document, and we can get the ball rolling to make your session happen today! Let’s get to documenting life for your family!



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Hi. I’m Teresa. While photography is a part-time job for me, documenting your stories doesn’t ever get treated like it’s not important. My full-time gig is teaching high school English, journalism, and photography at an all-boys’ school in Washington, DC. Journalism is my favorite subject to teach because it is as much about writing as it is about the art of observing the world, and I became a photographer because of my experiences in photojournalism.

You’ll see in galleries with my families, children, newborns, or weddings, my style definitely is more about documenting connection and trying to create real moments. I love a good portrait, but my heart is happiest when I get real smiles from people loving on and playing with each other.

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