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Northern Virginia Front Porch Session Minis | Book Now!

It’s time for some good news, and unfortunately only my Northern Virginia clients will be the ones to take advantage of this sweet mini session deal right now. Many Northern Virginia photographers have been confused about the state’s rules, and lucky for me, many photographers did the leg work and sent the governor’s office e-mails trying to understand the rules there. It turns out that photographers are allowed to take outdoor, socially distance shoots for groups under 10 in Virginia. So I’ll be trying to reschedule my Northern Virginia spring shoots soon, and I am now offering Front Porch minis in Northern Virginia. (I have a waiting list for Maryland or D.C. clients so you can get notified as soon as Governor Hogan and Mayor Bowser give the OK.)

I’ll be wearing a mask, using my zoom lenses, and staying far away. There’s a bit more coordinating with families before the sessions since I can’t “play” with kids like I usually do, but it’s better than not having a session at all! I have a specific shot list I’ll send you prior to the session, and if you want to add or take away shots, we’ll just consult before the session. I have a step stool, and I’ll use my wide lens to get those shots with your entire house in the photo, and I’ll stay far away with my 85mm or 24-70mm for everything else.

The Front Porch sessions are 20-minute sessions; you will get your choice of 8 images for $125; the entire gallery will be $225. These are lower than my normal pricing, but I know finances are tight for many families, so I want to help you document this time. Because I have to stay away from you, I will not be interacting as much and doing my normal play with the kids; these sessions will be much more structured than a normal TCJ Design session experience.

Virginia clients, you can book these now. Maryland and Washington, DC clients, you have to wait. They will not be happening until I can legally offer them! E-mail me at or through my contact page to get notified on when they are happening, though, and in the meantime, take a glance at what a short Front Porch mini could look like! I often do a mommy and me session with this client every year for Mother’s Day, so half of the 20 minutes was just her and her little boy; it’s not totally the same vibe as our normal minis, but I know she will cherish these just as much! And seriously…what a great gift would this be for Mother’s Day!

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