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Maryland Wedding Photographer | Love in a Pandemic

Their wedding, like many 2020 weddings, was complicated by Covid. Her real wedding dress didn’t arrive on time. They did not get photos. Plans had to be changed, and like many of the 2020 weddings this year they had to be flexible. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I saw this happen over and over last year. Two of the ceremonies I photographed in 2020 ended up being reduced dramatically, and this session was due to a complicated day without a photographer.

Even though they didn’t get photos on their wedding day, Virginia wrote me to see if I could still do photos of them dressed up in their wedding attire with their two boys. We played around the Church grounds, pretending it was wedding day. It was a mix of a family session and wedding portrait session, which was a lot of fun!

I did a lot of bridal portraits, but I also tried to capture some photos Virginia with each of her boys and did solos of them, as well. I staged them like they were bridal party/ring bearers in a few shots, and of course, I had to promise the youngest I’d end the session with a few photos of him doing his martial arts!

Christ Church in West River, Maryland in Anne Arundel County made for a gorgeous backdrop for their photos. As a Maryland wedding photographer, I just loved the archways and points. It made for some fun images with the interesting architecture.

If your wedding day was changed because of covid, and you didn’t get the images you always dreamed of, email me about scheduling a session! I would LOVE to help you out like I helped Virginia! To see more about how I run traditional weddings with a focus on documentary and storytelling, visit my wedding page, or e-mail me at or through my contact page to get the ball rolling and talk about your big day!

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