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Small Business Feature | Almighty Fitness in North Beach, Maryland

So before I tell you about Almighty Fitness, let me tell you how I met Kelly Favret. Last summer, I really got to know Kelly by taking a few of her weight classes at a local church. I was in the midst of a yearlong deployment and single parenting, and after ending my teaching year, summer was going to be time to re-energize and focus on me. Plus, endorphins keep people healthy.

Kelly’s class was tough. I’m not going lie. I took my friend from work, a 29-year-old rugby coach, and my 24-year-old niece who danced for years, and both were puddles of sweat on the ground after Kelly’s workouts. Selfishly, I was proud that my 39-year-old body (that was just weeks from 40) could keep up with them. Each week, I felt stronger, the workout became easier, and it complemented my Irish dancing.

Late summer, Kelly reached out to me to help her get images of her new faith and fitness business, Almighty Fitness. I photographed her debut event Light Up the Night, as well as Tabatas, Tiaras, and Truffles and Barre and Brews.

I attended her classes when I could. And while I often felt exhausted and didn’t want to go, I always, always felt better after working out and surprisingly had the energy I needed to plow through the prepping, grading, cleaning, lunch making, etc. that accompanied every weekday night of the deployment.

Kelly’s new business is jumping, and she’s been offering weekly morning and evening classes. This summer, she kicks of her session THIS FRIDAY, and she even has childcare for the morning sessions.

Her sessions are usually held at St. Anthony’s Church in North Beach. She weaves in some prayer, meditation, and a lot of variety in each workout, making sure you strong and cardio fit. To register for her summer session, click here!

It’s incredible affordable, AND you’ll make new friends! Take a glance at some images I did for Kelly and a branding session for her website and social media. If you are interested in booking a branding session (or family session, wedding, milestone…really anything… I do it all so I don’t get bored photographing one area), message me through my contact page or e-mail me at I still have summer openings!

And I hope I see you at the summer session and that my kiddos have some new friends in the morning sessions!

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