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Deale, Maryland Family Photographer | The G Family

Deale, Maryland is one of my favorite little places along the Chesapeake Bay. So I was thrilled when this momma and military service member asked me to capture her family of five.

When she e-mailed me to inquire about a session, she mentioned that she liked the connection she saw between the families in the frame, and as a family photographer, I’ve been trying really hard to do more than get pictures of people smiling at the camera.

I still love a good portrait, but my heart sings when I get paid to play, and that was what last Friday was. The G Family was my family in reverse. Mom was military, dad was a nurse, oldest kid was a boy, and he had two younger sisters. Age differences between the kids were about the same as mine… he was three almost four and the youngest was just about seven months old

I stepped back into time momentarily, remembering how hard life was… my oldest was not quite old enough to really help, and I felt trapped at the house because it was hard going anywhere with my two year old and baby.

I was impressed at how not tired this mom and dad seemed, and can we pause for a moment … if you only look at a few photos in this gallery look at the ones I included of just THEM. Man, are they in love?! They let the kids be and took a few minutes to really connect with each other, and it was gorgeous to document!

I played and played, loving every minute of it. And their little boy was my buddy; he warmed up to me fast, wanting to hold my hand as we walked around. (Side note: lots of creativity was needed since I needed him with his family, not me!)

Thank you, G Family, for being so much fun to spend time with; I love when my job doesn’t feel like “work”! I loved witnessing the connection and in your family of five!

If you are interested in booking a session, message me through my contact page or e-mail me at I still have summer openings!

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