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NOVA Family Photographer | Baby Jonathan {3 Months Old}

I find myself going through spurts in my photography locations and where my clients come from. Northern Virginia (NOVA) was a hot spot for many, many sessions when I started my business, but lately more of my clients have been from Southern Maryland or Annapolis; luckily, one of my teaching colleagues brought me back north and into Virginia for a session in her home. Her son Jonathan had just turned three months old, and he blessed them with his first full night of sleep the night before, which mean his schedule was a bit off from what she planned when I arrived. He was all smiles the instant I walked in the door!

We moved outside to take advantage of that soft sunrise light, and since being a model is hard work, he was soundly asleep by the end of the session, which they didn’t expect to happen when we picked a time!

Even when your child doesn’t cooperate, there’s always something magical happening with kids, and I promise to document it! Three months old brings so many milestones… real smiles, more of an awareness of what is going on, the ability to hold up one’s head. Flexibility is key, though! Babies can’t sit up by themselves usually, and their moods and schedules are always changing no matter what. Babies (and kids) feed off the adults around them, though, so if you have fun and are relaxed, they will be, too! And if I REALLY think I didn’t get anything good for a gallery when I get home, I will reschedule, but that’s pretty rare! So trust me, parents, and just have fun with your kid(s) and go with the flow!

If you would like to book a session, I am booking for December and 2020, so contact me today through my contact page or by e-mailing me at to book a session. My only fall openings are November 2. I have openings still for my holiday minis at the Christmas tree farm! Details are on the Facebook page. Details also under events on my Facebook page!

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