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DMV Area Family Photographer | Korean 100th Day Celebration: Nolan

If you are looking for a good gift to give a friend or family member, photography really is one of the best gifts you can give. My friends Linda and Jun gifted Linda’s sister with a session for her son Nolan’s 100th Day Celebration.

If you are wondering what a 100th Day Celebration is, don’t fear. I had to ask and then looked it up to read even more. It’s also called “baek-il”. From the reading I did and from talking with Linda, long ago in Korea, childhood diseases were rampant, and the survival rate for babies was not very high. Consequently, when the babies did survive, their health and life was cause for major celebration. When the baby turned 100 days old, they prayed and gave food offerings to show their thanks for the baby’s survival through the difficult period.

So back in April (yes, I know, I’m quite a few sessions behind in my blogging…but life has been non-stop since this session…and that will be the content for another blog post), I set out to Chantilly to celebrate Nolan and meet Linda’s extended family. They didn’t have any professional images taken yet, so we combined documentary of the party with some family shots of Nolan with his mommy and daddy and with some shots of him solo, too.

I was just in awe of his stamina at three months old…he kept it together the entire two hours I was there. He was so chill, gave his Aunt Linda plenty of smiles, and didn’t flinch at being in a house full of people who just wanted to hold, touch, and fawn over him. (Side note: he did enjoy the quiet…his best smiles were snuggling with mommy and daddy upstairs during the family shoot!)

Thanks again to Linda for inviting me to learn about Korean history and for sending me out the door with bags of food to taste and try. I do offer gift cards, so if you are searching for a good gift for a baby shower or for a birthday or anniversary, I can hook you up!

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