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This past Sunday I had the honor of accompanying a family around Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. While I my goal for them was capturing many more portrait type poses (which you can see on my gallery page), I love that I was able to sneak in a few more details and lifestyle shots.

This is my favorite. Why you may ask? This family didn’t even make a big deal about wearing the same type of shoe. And the one year old could walk, but most of the time in the portrait shots he was being held. Yet, I was still able to sneak in something that was obviously important to them. I love capturing the details. It’s the journalist in me. I love looking for how a family connects, how they react to each other, how they love each other, finding what they love.

shoes wireman alexandria session

Tromping around Old Town was amazing whether I am doing it for pleasure or taking someone’s pictures. It is filled with so many picturesque backdrops. But their shoes and steps just be my favorite image from Sunday. Because no matter where we walked or where they posed, these shoes were the most obvious thread that connected this family of five.

I know poses are important. When my family had my photographer Sarah come to my house, I, like many of you, wanted those shots, too. And while I framed many of those “poses”, my favorite (also framed) images were ones I didn’t ask Sarah to take. I love the shot she captured of my big kids (who are four and half and two) tumbling on my husband when Sarah was really there to photograph our newborn (who I was feeding).

Photo captured by Sarah Jo Photography
Photo captured by Sarah Jo Photography

I love that when we walked around Alexandria she captured my daughter Emma (to our horror) picking a flower at the Carlyle House or when we were on North Beach she froze the moment my kids were looking out into the Chesapeake Bay admiring the waves and birds.

Sarah Jo Photography
Photo captured by Sarah Jo Photography

Posed portraits are great…but capturing us living our life and freezing that moment in time is an amazing gift she was able to give.

This is the style that I also want to give you. In ten years, I don’t see my 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son option to mob their dad in the same way (although I hope I am wrong). In five years, my Emma will be nine and she will know better than to pluck a flower and have such joy from holding beauty and being able to take it with her.

I would be honored to freeze moments like this for your family. Book your session today, and let me watch you have fun and living life. 🙂





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