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The Apple TV: A Way to Relive Your Memories

So one of the newer trends in photography is In-Person Sales (IPS). Photographers want you to buy prints and display your art rather than just have files of images that are stored away and forgotten. I completely understand why one would want to encourage clients to get prints made.

With that said, however, I am not one of those photographers. And if you have looked at my Gallery page, you can see I give my clients a lot of pictures. And I don’t do prints. Maybe some clients will make a photo book of the day and get larger prints made of the shots they really love. Maybe they will just update their social media profiles and they’ll sit in a drawer. Or maybe they’ll do something in between.

My photographer always gave us anywhere from 50-100 images per one hour session. If you come by my house, you’ll see her art in just about every room of the house. While I love that we have her prints everywhere, my favorite way to showcase her photographs (and really all of the photographs I love that have ever taken, too) is on the Apple TV.

apple TVFor those of you who don’t know what an Apple TV is, it’s NOT a TV. It is a small black box that hooks up to your TV. It allows you to use many apps on your TV (most used in my house are MLB.TV, PBS Kids and Pandora but there are many, many others…and you can watch digital versions of movies, TV shows, etc. on it).

Now, to have this special functionality, you do need a Mac device. All of my favorite photos are stored on our Desktop iMac computer in the Photos program. In that program, we have a special folder called the “Screensaver Album”. We have synced the Apple TV with that folder, and so when our Apple TV is on and we are listening to Pandora or our music, the screensavers that show up are all of our beloved images.

Since we don’t live near our family, I love that my kids have been able to learn who all of their relatives are. I love that they get to relive their growth with the photos and many sessions with had with our beloved photographer, Sarah. When my husband and I married, we had a slideshow at our wedding reception that included a lot of pictures from when we were little. All of them are in this folder, as well as other favorite pictures we have from before we were together.

When we have friends or family over, so often we put on a Pandora station, and our Screensaver Album will rotate through the old and new pictures at random. My kids (and well my whole family) love just sitting on the couch and watching the images scroll through. We laugh at silly faces, remember relatives who are gone, and are mesmerized by how we have grown.

I love my Apple TV, and if I could give one to every client I would. It is such a simple device that allows you to easily enjoy the many images you get in lifestyle photography and relive those precious moments in time.





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