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Southern Maryland Wedding in Solomons | Kelly +Simon

Kelly and Simon didn’t plan on having a Southern Maryland wedding in Solomons, Maryland on June 13. Their original plan was a larger gathering in July over near St. Michael’s on the Eastern Shore. Like many couples, their original plan had to be postponed because of the pandemic.

But love isn’t canceled, and when Simon’s parents were coming up to visit from North Carolina, they decided to throw a wedding together in a matter of weeks.

Kelly made planning a southern Maryland wedding look easy, even though she was finishing up her school year as a teacher. In a matter of weeks, she had a dress, had me booked, had an officiant, had a location, and had a restaurant for her luncheon after the ceremony.

A really special part of their wedding was that they were uniting more than just the two of them; Kelly’s daughter is going into her senior year, and I love how they built in an opportunity for her to be part of the ceremony and how Simon fully embraced his new role as a dad as well as his new role of a husband.

After the ceremony, we took some photos of the bridal party on site, and then we headed south to Charles Street Brassiere. I’m so honored that I was able to document this micro wedding for Kelly and Simon. With teaching full-time, I can only do a handful of weddings a year, and I’m so glad this one fell into my summer break so I could document it and quickly get their gallery back to them. Kelly and Simon had a gorgeous Southern Maryland wedding in Solomons.

If you’re planning a wedding for 2021 or having your own tiny wedding in 2020, please let me know! If I’m available, I’d love to be able to document your official day before your big celebration! Send me an e-mail at or get in touch with me on my contact page!

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