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Engagement Session at Cylburn Arboretum | L + B

Back in fall of 2019, Liz wrote me wanting an engagement session at Cylburn Arboretum. She was excited to be planning her spring 2021 wedding, and she had always loved this spot. They couldn’t hold their wedding here, but she wanted it to be part of their engagement session. Who knew at that time what a crazy year would come… like so many couples, Liz and Barry had to move their wedding.

Their original wedding date was supposed to be this past Sunday: March 20, 2021, but now we’re on the calendar for October. Hopefully, more people will be vaccinated and less restrictions will be in place, allowing Liz and Barry to have the day of their dreams! It’ll just be fall and not spring.

I realized I had not shared their amazing engagement session at the Cylburn Abroretum. It was fall so it had a bit of a different feel, as not as many plants were in bloom, but it was still a gorgeous day, and I can’t wait to celebrate Liz and Barry THIS fall!

If you are looking to see more of my work as a wedding photographer, please check out my wedding page on my website! I only take a handful of weddings each year, but depending on the timing I could take one or two more this year. I have one November/December wedding opening left for 2021, but 2021 is still wide open if anyone is interested in chatting! Please e-mail me at

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