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D is for Documentary and December

So you may be like me, looking outside the weather looks cold even though it is 58 degrees. The unpredictability of winter weather and the fear of paying money to stand outside and freeze keeps a lot of people from booking sessions during the winter months.

I think December is a great time, though, to book my favorite type of a session: a documentary session. Family sessions and longer documentary sessions can be done indoors and allow you to capture those holiday traditions.

documentary-adJust think about the things that make you remember being a kid in December: cutting down Christmas trees, decorating Christmas trees, making cookies and crafts, and just spending time with each other. Maybe the weather drives you to do indoor activities together like playing board games or visiting the aquarium.

I don’t know about your family, but those activities are what spawn the most natural smiles from my family. Those are the events I as a mom want to remember for years to come. There’s still a magic in my house that comes with the holidays. We have three kids who believe in the magic of Christmas and the youngest is still small enough we decorate our Christmas tree with all fragile ornaments on top. It looks silly every year, but it’s so fun to have kids so excited about Baby Jesus, Santa, and spending time together.

Take the plunge this year; I’m currently have openings on December 10, 11, and 17. This would be the perfect time to book a session and capture those holiday traditions. Plus, it means mom or dad can be in all of the fun without trying to capture it! 🙂

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