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Best Friends Photo Session in Old Town Alexandria

I loved this unique best friends photo session in Old town Alexandria from the fall of 2020, and I realized I never blogged it, so guess what!? I’m doing it now for National Best Friend’s Day!

I know we often think of taking photos with our family, significant other, or even our pet, but so often we don’t splurge to make sure we have photos with those other important people in our lives. I’ll be honest; I was a lot jealous of these two women and the depth of their friendship! I don’t know if it’s moving around the country in my years as an Air Force spouse or just being in different places in life, but I don’t really have a best female friend. I’ve always tended to hang out with the guys, and my husband and I were close friends for almost a decade before we started dating and were married…which is GREAT for my marriage, but when I see women going out for happy hours or women like these two who wanted a best friends photo session, I’m a bit sad that I’m missing that connection in my life.

I hope you seeing this and feel inspired to get in front of the camera with someone you love—even if you aren’t related to that person. In a busy world, we deserve to share the stories of all of the people we love and hold on those memories for years to come. I hope that these women always look back at this session and remember how fun it was and that it was an authentic representation of their friendship.

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Hi. I’m Teresa. While photography is a part-time job for me, documenting your stories doesn’t ever get treated like it’s not important. My full-time gig is teaching high school English, journalism, and photography at an all-boys’ school in Washington, DC. Journalism is my favorite subject to teach because it is as much about writing as it is about the art of observing the world, and I became a photographer because of my experiences in photojournalism.

You’ll see in galleries with my families, children, newborns, or weddings, my style definitely is more about documenting connection and trying to create real moments. I love a good portrait, but my heart is happiest when I get real smiles from people loving on and playing with each other.

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